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This n’ That and all things that don’t really matter. Also, I can’t spell Philadelphia. ever.

I’m sitting here in a coffee shop, starving and trying to silence my stomach with a shitty iced tea. I’m supposed to be sitting here utilizing the internet for work purposes because the work internet is down. I’m supposed to be e-mailing PBS about a documentary they’re supposed to be doing on my company. What am I doing instead? Writing a Blog, watching episodes of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and doing weird interneting things. Also, a really cute baby just entered the vicinity and has been settled on the couch right in front of me. Shit, now I’m really not going  to get any work done.

First order of business: I’ve always been kind of negative Nancy when it comes to Crystal Castles. I will confess, that it is mostly because certain hipster shit heads have really made the aroma of Crystal Castled an unsettling one. HOWEVER, the new Crystal Castles album is real good. REAL GOOD. Really, it is good. Good, it really is.

Another order of business:

Liza covers Beyonce. yay?

And now that I’m actually sitting here writing this blog entry, I don’t feel much like writing this blog entry. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is really funny and I want to pee my pants. Bye!