Wassup wasssssup wasssssssssup, blog!

Life has been pretty crazy lately. Hell, even this night has been full of wackiness! Gabby made me Soyrizo tacos and guacamole and we ate on our brand new gold craigslist table from the 70s and giggled at the idea of enslaving kittens. So good.

Anyways, there is this dude who has been bugging the shit out of me because he wants me to write a CD review on his new release. his CD is a piece of shit. He’s a nice dude, but his tunes make me want to listen to Liz Phair’s new album (Funstyle)  on repeat. So this dude chats me up on FB a few hours ago…he is trying so damn hard to persuade me to write something about him. He even resorts to self-exploitation and telling me about his secret life as a tranny. He’s also a lawyer, a father, a husband and a musician(esque). Yup, it was an interesting turn of events. One minute I’m eating Soyrizo with my favorite vegan, the next minute i’m staring at tranny pictures and trying to tell him that I don’t feel quite right exploiting him.

On a different note, I missed you beloved blog.

Life has been hectic! and great! and odd!

I’ve been having a bad case of writers block…it has truly sickened me. I haven’t written a proper body of work in far too long!


Bye Blog!


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