Liza Manelli

usually, my grandma is real hip when it comes to old-fashioned tunes. I remember when I was a young broad, she would put on Gloria Estefan music video compilations filled with favorites such as “Docta Docta Docta beat” and “The Rhythm is gonna get you”, and we would dance, dance, dance our Portuguese faces off.  Yesterday, my confidence in  my grandma’s music was questioned. Yesterday, my grandma fucked up.

She put on a Liza Manelli cabaret DVD.

Liza Manelli is cool because she’s insane (She still flaunts that camel toe like it’s nobody’s business!), and I enjoy her when the TV is on mute. However, the noise that comes out of that womans face really makes me want to…want to….do something violent and  irrational. Are you familiar with Daffy Duck? Liza Manelli IS Daffy Duck. She’s a drunk and she’s always spitting every which way.

Amanda Poag says, “That bitch is such a bag of bones!”


One response to “Liza Manelli

  1. I threw up in my mouth a little.

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